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    Unanswered: UDB v8.0 Performace on Solaris


    I am facing 100% performance degradation with UDB on Solaris comare to sybase.

    Basically we have one batch process which runs for one hour on sybase.
    One we change to UDB it takes 2 hours. Both sybase and UDB database server is on the same box and this was tested number of times with very minimal load on the Solaris box.

    I know when we talk about performace there are lot of details we have to look at and it is very detail topic.

    I am just trying to get general idea, to get some statistics that UDB can not perform better on Solaris ....

    Is OS390 is must of UDB to get better performance?

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    I don't know Sybase but you should expect relative performance based that the configuration are similar ...

    ok you are on teh same machine but is the same amount of memory are allocated to Sysbase and DB2 (bufferpool) are the disk configure the same way? So you have the same indexes (and are RUNSTATS were performed on the tables/indexes)?

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    According to IBM'ers who have commented on this, DB2 works very well on Solaris, about the same as AIX. DB2 for OS/390 is a whole different animal.

    DB2 has done very well on TPC benchmarks compared to other databases on Unix, Linux, and Windows. The benchmarks are sponsored by the hardware vendors, and Sun does not participate in the benchmarks, but I doubt there is a big difference.

    As you mentioned, performance is complex issue, and a detailed discussion of the situation is required. However, when there is an obvious difference in a load operation, it often is related to whether one of the databases is logging updates, or other logging parameters that need to be tuned.

    The other thing that trips up many people is the very low default bufferpool allocation that DB2 uses upon creation of a database. Run the Performance Wizard from the Control Center, and allocate at least 1/2 of available system memory to DB2. The more memory the better, however if Sybase is running at the same time, you need to make sure both systems have enough real memory.

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