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    Unanswered: Line Method in SubReports

    This is my first time posting and apologies if this is a repeat, I couldn't find it anywhere when searching through the forums.

    Here's what I am trying to do:
    -CanGrow does not link multiple text boxes, everybody knows that. I am trying to thus use Line to individually draw the horiztonal (2 of them) and vertical lines as needed.
    -I can successfully pull any data necessary (such as the Left property) from my subreport at runtime to figure out the necessary X/Y coordinates for my subreport. The subreport works fine by itself and the lines draw nice and neat, giving a false impression that borders are present.

    -Although it draws nicely on subreports, it won't work when several subreports are incorporated into one main report, as only the main report's OnPrint, OnPage or OnFormat property's can use the Line method.

    Current Thoughts:
    -OnFormat is not a possibilty, as CanGrow and CanShrink occur on the Subreport during the OnPrint event.
    -OnPage is a possibility, though I see no feasible way of having it relate the subreport's position relative to its parent. (Othewise, it would be useless, as what the subreport thinks is an absolute Y position is only a relative Y position...)
    -OnPrint is what I'm working with, and as I mentioned, I'm having difficulty telling to to draw a line in the detail section of the subreport (which lies in the detail section of a main report).

    OnPrint Notes:
    -OnPrint for Detail section of main report is run before the OnPrint for Detail Section for the subreports. Thus I can't collect my new Y coordinates to draw vertical lines.
    -It is possible to have multiple subreports on the same page (with varying column widths/placements), so I can't say line from top to bottom of page when printed.
    -Each of the subreports has two headers, one doesn't repeat ,the other does. These headers combined on all of the subreports are the same size.

    Any help/thoughts appreciated, thanks!
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    Ok, solution found:

    -Call an event procedure to do a Me.Line call AND invoke a sub/function call on a separate module. Flags have to be used to indicate whether its in a subreport in the main report or just being brought up as a report by itself.

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