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    Unanswered: log file full need help

    We keep getting
    DIA3609C Log file was full.

    DB2 UDB 7.2 32 bit on AIX 5.2 32 bit

    our database backup hangs and users cannot access database

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    Are there any messages in the diag? Is it an online backup? Is it possible that somewhere along the way the archiving process stopped working - maybe the disk is full? Or that there's a transaction which spans all primaries and secondaries and cannot complete? If the database is across multiple nodes then ensure that you're looking on all nodes. There has to be a transaction out there which isn't committing. When the backup fails does it cite the log full condition as the reason?

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    thanx logfile parameters

    I ran an offline backup to get the tablespaces back to normal and increased the log parameters, logfilesiz, logprimary and logsecondary to accomodate the transaction processing.

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    Please also see the following link.

    Hope this helps,

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