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    Unanswered: Type of application that use PostgreSQL


    I am in the process to define if our product can use PostgreSQL.

    Do you know what type of application use PostgreSQL, and also what is the size of the database for these projects?

    Our application has a table with more than 300000 rows. There are complexe query with many joins. And we must respect some time constraints. Also the application is running 24 hours per day, so the product must be stable, with good recovery in case of problems.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Type of application that use PostgreSQL

    Originally posted by jmbaud2
    Do you know what type of application use PostgreSQL, and also what is the size of the database for these projects?
    I'm currently building the user-database of our dormitory with postgresql - but I think that ones neither critical in time nor space...
    Perhaps if your business depends on it, you may have a look for someone who sells support for postgres?

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    Thumbs up case studies

    Take a look at case studies in Pgsql site, wa are also developping our application thought Pgsql as DBMS, the client app is writen in VB, the sever is standing on a linux top , ... ou databse is some hundreds of tables and some millions of rown ,and it's working fine , except that ODBC driver is not yet mature.
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    take postgresql
    the backup machanism in postgresql uses a serializeable transaction
    to backup the data so there is no problem to backup the system in production mode
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    PostGres has a lot of nice features including efficient support for transactions and the ability to avoid most of the "locking" headaches of other tools.

    For example, you can start a very large report-query that will cover most of the database. In MS-SQL (Sybase) that's a "Death to Smoochie" query.

    It does not take long in MS-SQL for such a query to promote to a table-wide lock and freeze everyone else out.

    In PostGres, this will not happen, because there is a versioning architecture. The report query will see a consistent version of the data as it was when the query started, but other users can continue to update the table at the same time! They create new versions of the record which will be seen by other users as soon as they commit. Meanwhile, the report-query continues to see its older version of the same records. Very nice.

    400,000 rows is not particularly large. The PostGres query optimizer is certainly respectable.
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