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    Unanswered: T-SQL debugger


    Another newbie question from me..

    I am trying to find the T-SQL debugger in Query Analyzer and I can't find it!!!

    Is this a seperate install or something???


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    You can find more info at SQL SERVER BOOKS ONLINE

    Starting the Debugger
    T-SQL Debugger can only be run from within SQL Query Analyzer. Once started, the debugging interface occupies a window within that application.

    Starting the debugger
    There are two methods for starting the debugger. Each method requires that the target procedure be created and stored in a SQL Server database. The first method employs Object Browser. The second method relies on the Object Search tool.

    To start the debugger from Object Browser

    On the Tools menu, click Object Browser.

    In Object Browser, click the Objects tab.

    Double-click to open the database in which your procedure is stored.

    Double-click to open the Stored Procedures folder.

    Right-click the stored procedure to debug. A Context menu will appear.

    Select Debug from the Context menu.

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