System Setup:
Server - Sql Server 2000 (sp2) Publication
Tablet PC's - Sql Server 2000 (sp2) Subscribers
Merge replication with default resolver.
On-Demand synchronization

Yesterday I received conflicts when synchronizing one of the tablet pc's and the server. They were resolved with the default resolver but not necessarily correct. I then went to the view conflicts screen. In the past I would select the article and press the view button to resolve the conflicts but yesterday nothing happened. I tried stopping and then restarting MSSQLSERVER. This did not help so I rebooted the server. Again this was no help. I am still unable to resolve these conflicts.

Does anyone know why this happened and a way that I can now resolve these conflicts. I have been resolving conflicts on this system and the same articles for about six months now but this is the first time that this has happened.

If I use sp_helpmergearticleconflicts and sp_helpmergeconflictrows I can see the records but not sure if I can just delete them or not from the conflict table.

If you could explain a workaround or point me to an article with a workaround it would be appreciated. I have already spent hours in the BOL but with no help.

Thanks in advance.