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    Unanswered: linking separate database files


    im trying to link three separate database files together for work.

    these being 2 databases which are essentially the same and a 3rd that will pull information from the other two.

    the reason that these cant all be in one single file, as i would ideally like is because of access retrictions, it will be used on a shared network drive by several people, meaning that if one was entering data then the others could not as they would only be allowed to open a read only.

    its hard to explain what im trying to do, but the information from the 3rd db i will entereach morning, they are invoices that we have recieved through post, the other 2 databases are the order logs used by mainly 2 different people and so i need to match up and update the the orders logs information (order log has fields for invoice total and inv date, which i want to pull from the 3rd daybook database to save me entering this info in 3 different places) with the invoice information

    if any of you are familar with GRNI reports in finance this is what im using it to create

    hmmt his turned out to be quite a post, but any help you can give would be appreciated
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