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    Unanswered: Inserting Current Date into a Query

    I'm creating custom report that queries an Oracle 8i table for records with a receving date of the current date. This report has to be "registered" in an application interface, so I can't really prompt for the date. I want to use something like:

    select * from rcv_ship where rcv_dt = SYSDATE

    I realize that this does not work. The table has the date stored in the standard format of "02-OCT-2003", any help?

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    why wouldn't using SYSDATE not work ?
    If it is because of the different format, you can format it by using TO_CHAR, but only when the column of the database table storing the date is a varchar. If it is a date, then you don't have to format it, Oracle stores dates always in it's internal format and a call to sysdate is always in that format.
    Beware of timestamps. If needed, truncate the sysdate

    Hope this helps
    Edwin van Hattem
    OCP DBA / System analyst

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    I thought the same thing however when I run my statement like this:

    select * from rcv_ship where rcv_dt='03-OCT-2003'

    ...I get the required results, however when I run it as:

    select * from rcv_ship where rcv_dt=SYSDATE

    ...I get 0 records. When you DESC that table the date is a true DATE field, so I'm confused. In the table the date is stored as:

    2003-10-02 00:00:00

    ...any ideas?

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    SYSDATE also returns the time portion, so your query is looking for an entry with the exact date time equivalent to SYSDATE.

    Try this instead...

    select * from rcv_ship where rcv_dt=TRUNC( SYSDATE )


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    That was it...thanks that had me puzzled for the longest time...

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