I created a "getInfo" Webservice, and the smartdevice application. The application works fine in the pocket pc. When it reaches the part that calls the webservice, there is this error:

System.Net.WebException: The system was unable to submit the request:

"The remote name could not be resolved."

But if

intranet address (our intranet web) is given for URI, it works fine. We

tested the URL "http://localhost/webservice1/service" in the

Browser directly and it returns the weather details. Suggestions and

Solutions would be appreciated.

getinfo Web Method:

<WebMethod(Description:= _
"Key in MAC Address to get the Location")> _
Public Function GetInfo(ByVal Mac1 As String) As String

Dim objConnection As SqlConnection
Dim objCmd As SqlCommand
Dim strConnection As String
Dim strSQL As String

strConnection = "server=N609-054;database=LBS;uid=sa;pwd=;"

objConnection = New SqlConnection(strConnection)


strSQL = "SELECT * FROM FacilitiesInfo WHERE(MACAddress ='" & Mac1 & "')"
objCmd = New SqlCommand(strSQL, objConnection)

Dim objDataReader As SqlDataReader
objDataReader = objCmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnecti on)

If objDataReader.Read Then

Dim URL As String

URL = Convert.ToString(objDataReader("URLAddress"))

Return "URLAddress: " & URL
End If
End Function

End Function