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Thread: Sql30074n

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    Unanswered: Sql30074n

    My env:
    Client (XP,W2K) UDB 6.1 or UDB 7.2
    Through JDBC,it connect to DB2/390 ver 6.We discover that error on tables with exact 48 columns.Tables where num(columns)<>48 works fine. Common DB2 utilities ( Command Window,
    Command Center) works without that error.
    User response for SQL30074 don't tell me nothing.
    Is anybody has experience with that error?
    Thanks a lot,Zvonimir

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    Re: Sql30074n


    I no think with the number of column be the problem.
    Check this.
    1. Any column LOB?
    2. The client be the requeriment (memory, disk, etc)

    This the description of the error:
    db2 => ? SQL30074
    SQL30074N "<reply-identifier>" Reply is not supported.


    The client received a reply it does not recognize. The current
    environment command or SQL statement cannot be processed
    successfully, nor can any subsequent commands or SQL

    The current transaction is rolled back and the application is
    disconnected from the remote database. The statement cannot be

    User Response:

    Record the message number (SQLCODE) and the reply identifier.
    Record all error information from the SQLCA, if possible.
    Attempt to connect to the remote database and rerun the

    If sufficient memory resources exist and the problem continues,
    invoke the Independent Trace Facility at the operating system
    command prompt.

    Contact your technical service representative with the following

    Required information:

    o Problem description

    o SQLCODE and reply identifier

    o SQLCA contents if possible

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