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    Unanswered: differences between Oracle and DB2 UDB

    We recently lost our Oracle DBA and as the lead DB2 UDB DBA I want to help the team out. Havent done Oracle in a while as I have been administering DB2 UDB on AIX UNIX and SQL Server 2000. What are some good tips and whitepapers or links for transitioning back into Oracle 8i DBA? I know that Oracle 10g is coming out and has new features versus 8i and 9i. Thanks


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    You've got a long way to go. I did the other way round a couple of months back and was able to move in properly but still insisted on doing the courses as syntax maybe a bit different but the databases are huge beasts who behave differently.

    Startup by reading the concepts manual, it's, IMHO very crucial that you read this manual at least thrice. Architectural understanding is crucial in understanding databases.

    Oracle doco's are for free so you can download them in pdf format's as well.

    If you want to be doing a serious oracle dba you'll have the...

    1.concepts manual
    2. perf tuning manual
    3. backup, reco and rman manual.
    4. admin guide

    ...pdf's printed, bounded on your desk at all times.

    Here the concept's manual to start with ...

    and this the link to read/download all manuals...

    Welcome to the real database
    Hope that helped...
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    I would recommend you read this article and see if you can get the book aswell.

    I think there are another 3-4 parts to this article so do a search for them.


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