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    Post Unanswered: Last Time a Table was accessed and OWNER/who created???

    This is more or less a continuation of my early thread.

    I have a large DB with a lot of tables (i.e. ~500) and a lot of users who, unfortunately, have the freedom to create tables as they see fit. So they'll often create a table to insert stuff into and then not ever delete it. Therefore, I need a way to find the last time a table was accessed with a SELECT.

    By using SHOW TABLE STATUS, I can find out the last time it was updated, but they goal is to find out tables that haven't been selected from or updated within the past x days and then delete them.

    This would be very helpful and all help/input is appreciated.

    Last, how do you find out who created a table? I'm new to the DBA kinda stuff.

    MySQL 4.0.15
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