My problem is that I have a local database on a local computer. My clientcomputer is on another location and connects to my network by ISDN. It connects to a gateway-computer (cannot call to the computer with the database).

When my ISDN connects on a scheduled time (every hour), the software is trying to connect a few moments later (also every hour).

Time by time it works, but not always.

When the client calls it's ip-adresses are in the range of the network. All networkfunctions work properly, but the software cannot connect to the database.

I've browsed the database so the location of the databasefile is: \\database\database\dalet51.db

My dbclient startcommand is: c:\sqlany50\win32\dbclient.exe -q -x tcpip{host=} -ta 0 -tl 0

Does someone know a sollution?


Greets Jurjen