Dear members and visitors,

I recently start working at They need some new members and a lot of activity. I hope you like our contest and register.... Please give us feedback on this contest.

Dear members and visitors,

registering and posting and this forum can be lucrative from now on, why you ask? That is because of this little contest we are holding.
Since we have just opened our doors to the public, we need some members to come in and start the activity. If you like it here, stay here and participate in the threads, and maybe get some friends to join. Okay, now what do you have to do to win one of our prizes?

1) The first prize can be obtained by creating the best, and longest thread. Ofcourse we will not choose any thread wich contains spam. So try to make some good threads with a discussion of some kind, this will help both us, and you too.
2) The second prize is for the best member, maybe you don't post a lot, but if you are active once a day and make some good threads and posts... then you will be able to win this prize.
3) This is the last prize we will give away, it's a bit harder to obtain this prize, but you should try a little harder to get this one. This one will be given to the member with the most active referals. The referal has to be active atleast twice a week, and make about 1 post per day in order to be stated as 'active'.

Okay, what can you win you may ask? We have invested a lot in the prizes and we really hope that it brings our community to life. The first prize will be a Philips DVD-player, second is a custom design or service by our team. And last but not least, the third is a vBulletin or PhotoPost license. We will try to provide a picture of each of the prizes. But for the licenses you may visit: and

The rules:
The competition will end on December the 4th 2003, so it will be much of a early christmass present.
The moderation and administration team will decide who are the winners. Once they are selected, we will announce this is one of our threads.
Speculation about the winners, prizes or jury are not tolerated.
If a member tries to cheat, by ie. making false referals, he will be immidiatly server-banned for a lifetime.
Every member automatically participates, you do not have to enter this contest.
Every other rules & regulations also apply on this competition.

If you still have any questions or remarks, just post them in the feedback forum. We will answer all questions in there, pm's or e-mails will be ignored.

BTW I would also like to note that the same competition runs on Static Forums, the forums from our company Static Group Ltd. So you actually have 2 chances to win if you sign up there too.

Good luck!