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    Unanswered: Fonts Problem in Paradox 8

    My fonts list in Paradox 8 does not include several fonts which I need. I've tried deleting some fonts from the system folder and reinstalling Paradox, but the ones I want just don't appear. They're pretty standard fonts - Arial and Times New Roman for instance. All the fonts are available in WordPerfect but they don't show up in Paradox.

    I'm trying to convert a ver7 database to ver8, and everything is functional, but the forms fonts are all wrong.

    Any ideas?

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    Some things you can try:

    1) Have you upgraded your PDOX from 7 to 8? If it's true, then you can try to remove PDOX8, with all his traces in the registry and in the Settings folder, removing all traces of it, then reinstalling.

    2) Have you got nonstandard windows interface fonts settings? Try resetting them to a standard combination, and disable all themes if you're using WinXP.

    3) Have you loaded your forms in design mode in Pdox8 and saved them back? Try it!

    The only failure is not trying to do it.

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