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    i m looking for a code where ,data is added in to the combo box from a table , when i click on each item in the combo box it should display information in to text boxes using other table.for ex:i have two tables namely products and sales in the acces database . the products information should filled into the combo box when i click on each product listing it should display the sales information in the text boxes.please help me by sending the code for this ASAP!!!, as i have the project deadline approaching.thanks.

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    i hope you can set the combo box yourself ???

    if that is done in the sub combobox_change write the code ("SELECT * FROM Sales Where ProductName like " & cobobox.boundtext)

    after this is done under the openstatement set
    if rsSale.recordcount >0 then
    with FrmSale
    .txtsalesID.text = rsSale.SalesID
    .txtSalesPrice =rsSale.SalesPrice
    ect ect
    end if

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