Hello, I am the owner of mlbcenter.com, a baseball gaming/news site. I have recently got vbulletin, and our forusm are at forums.mlbcenter.com. I would really like an upload script and file server so people could upload jerseyes, add-ons, uniforms and more they created via an upload script/form and then it would go to a file server or database. I want it where users have to register and log-in before uploading, and have it where I can get the last 5 uploads and where I can have an admin cp type deal. However, I really don't know what to do, as I have no money left and I have found no scripts. I thought you guys might be able to help me. If you can really help me out, I will create a link with your website and give thanks to you in a top story(news) and advertise for your site, and you guys could put your name at the bottom of the pages you did and I'd even create a post in our forums. We can discuss more on the featuers and what not, but I really hope you can help. This would really mean a lot to me, and would make my v1 finally complete. Thanks for listening.

Some basic things I would want are:
- users must register before uploading
- users use a upload form and upload a file to a database
- users are restricted to only uploading .zip files and .jpg, .jpeg and .gif for screenshots
- user comments
- rating system
- search
- top downloads, last uploads,etc.

ps- Heres an example of what I mean:
cyber-nhl.net/files/upload (you have to be registered to view)


Thanks again guys.