I run several scripts using a cmd file that calls isqlw.
It hangs on one of the lines when the cmd file is run again.
isql and osql utilities run fine but my problem is that they don't handle
well hebrew strings included in the insert sql statments.
Does anyone knows how to get osql to read the strings the right way?
My database collate is Hebrew_ci_as.
sql-2000 developer sp3,windows xp-pro
This is a cmd file example:
isqlw -S %1 -d %2 -U sa -P %3 -i 1.SQL -o 1.log -F A
isqlw -S %1 -d %2 -U sa -P %3 -i 2.SQL -o 2.log -F A
isqlw -S %1 -d %2 -U sa -P %3 -i 3.SQL -o 3.log -F A