Dear all,

I'm installing SQL Server 2000 Personal Edition into my Windows XP Professional Edition (Traditional Chinese H.K.S.A.R.).

The first time I install, I haven't change the locale of my system, and it display an error dialog prompt me to send the error to Microsoft or not, just before the installation of MDAC start.

I've found the answer to solve the above problem. However, another problem occur. The installation process of SQL Server 2000 was successfully completed. However, the related folders of SQL Server 2000 was not appear in the Start Menu, and SQL Server was not start automatically. If I start the server directly execute the enterprise manager by double-clicking the corresponding file, there still not an icon appear in the system tray.

Can any one help me to solve the problem?

Thanks a lot!!!

P.S. The SQL Server 2000 CD doesn't have any problem as I can install and run SQL Server 2000 successfully in Windows 2000 Professional with that CD.