I have a date class that uses stringTokenizer as one constructor and also a constructor that takes in the day, month and year. My problem is that day, month and year are private to the class Date (cannot be changed). I also cannot return day, month or year (bad OO).

I cannot use java's buildt in Date class.

Basically, I have an array of Dates and I need to see if all of those Dates are between 2 inputed Dates.

I have access to the string inputs of the inputed dates and I can transfer those strings into a Date, which I can also access, but not singley the day, month or year.

I can only import the stringTokenizer in the Date class.

Any ideas how I can find out if the Dates in the list are between the 2 inputed Dates? I have a Date class, DateList class and a DateManipulation class.