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    Unanswered: Upgrade 7.1 FP9 to 8.1 FP3

    We intend to upgrade our AIX-machines (RS6000 610) from 4.33 to 5L 5.2. During this we'd like to upgrade the DB2-Servers from 7.1 FP9 to 8.1 FP3 as well.
    The process how to upgrade the DB-servers / AIX-OS is probably well documented in the Readmes for each itself.
    We can upgrede the DB2- servers (for AIX 4.33) to 8.1, but if the new OS-version of AIX will be installed, the DB-engine probably won't work.

    How and what should we do to make the OS and DB upgrades successfully?


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    Re: Upgrade 7.1 FP9 to 8.1 FP3

    I would upgrade the OS first to the new version, the re-install the correct verions of 7.1 for that version, then upgrade to 8.1. I wouldn't try to jump from 7.1 to 8.1 on the new OS. We have been upgrading and its easy.

    1) upgrade OS to new version
    2) Install db2 7.1 for that version
    3) Upgrade db2

    Also just a note FP9 has some serious bugs. IBM has recommended not using it.

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