Good day (morning, everning or night ).

We have Informix Dynamic Server Version 9.30.FC1 at HP-UX 11i.

We have a problem:

After start-up informix server (go to on-line mode) we have a critical error: "bad primary chunk 'ifx-chunk_100'". 'ifx-chunk_100' is a link for real charecter device. This device is empty (100% free space). We re-create this device (also VG with this device). Error is stay.

We probe start-up Informix server without real charecter device (also VG). Error stay.

We probe edit systables - we can`t modify this record (table syschunks), no access to delete .

onstate -d show PD state to this chunk.

We can`t modify this state (to PO state), 'onspaces -s ... -p .../ifx-chunk_100 -o 0 -O' show error: "Error opening file .../ifx-chunk_100"

We can`t delete this chunk, 'onspaces -d ... -p .../ifx-chunk_100 -o 0' show error "ISAM error: Primary and Mirror chunks are bad"

dbaccess show another error -
"311: Cannot open system catalog (systables).
155: ISAM error: Primary and Mirror chunks are bad"

How to we have decide this problem?