Hi everybody,
i have to migrate a db from Oracle 7.3 on a DG-UX to Oracle 8.1.6 (or 8.1.7) on a Sun Solaris 8. but i have to solve this problem: at the moment we're using a Power Builder software that's connecting to the Oracle7.3 instance using SQLNET 7.3.
How can i be sure Power Builder will be able to keep the connection working to the new Oracle 8i db (where we have net8)?
I've heard tnsnames.ora produced by Net8 has a different format respect to the one produced by SQLNET. Is SQLNET 7.3 compliant with Oracle 8i? Can i hold on using SQLNET 7.3 under Oracle 8i?
May i have some other opportunities to connect to Oracle 8i with the Power Builder software (maybe through the tnsnames.ora of the 8i?).

One last question: do i have to pay a special attention to migrate the db from Oracle 7.3 to Oracle 8i or a normal export/import is enough?

Thank you very much!