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    Unanswered: IMP-00010 problem


    I am using Oracle 8i on Sun Solaris platform. I took export dump
    and import the database onto Windows 2000 with Oracle 8i
    I did not face any problem. Again The data base export dump was taken after modification into database on WIN2K m/c and tried to import into SUN platform where I got this problem.

    I have only this two software along with Oracle 8 on NT platform.

    After going thru some solution given in this site, I installed
    Oracle 8 on WIN2K platform with client version with Admin option. I did not face any problem on installing the same.

    I wanted to connect to the WIN 2k machine with Oracle 8i

    I am not able to connect.

    I did some changes in listener.ora and tnsnames.ora.

    Can u suggest some methodlogy for overcoming the problem.

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    Are you saying you want a solution to your Network configuration or are you asking help with an import error.

    I am confused.
    - The_Duck
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