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    Unanswered: tracking hours for payroll purposes

    How might I set up a spreadsheet that I could give to a payroll auditor in which they could input an employee's starting (e.g., 7:00 am) and finish time, deduct lunch time (e.g., 1:00 for one hour, 0:45 for 45 minutes), and get the following outputs:

    -total hours/minutes
    -total "straight" hours/minutes
    -total "overtime"/minutes

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    All done by formatting the cells and using simple subtraction -

    The start and end times you can use the cell format Time 13:00

    for lunch use h:mm:ss but rmember to type in 00:45:00

    the 17:00 - 7:00 will give 10 hours (format the result cell too !)

    10 hours - the cell with 00:45:00 will give 9:45

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