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    Unanswered: May (or CAN) I use triggers ?

    I need to call a procedure/function in VB when my DB is modified
    with insert, update or delete. I know that its possible to do
    something called Trigger, put how can my Triggers (in SQL Server or
    MSDE) call a procedure in VB ?

    Just to understand, this database catch information of users
    connected to a support chat and I need to know when this user get
    logged in (thru the rows of my table). When I notice that a new user
    have logged in, I need to support him.


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    just to clarify soomething,

    Trigger gets activated when something happens to the table (form sql server), you don't do it manually.

    Therefore, you don't put call trigger in vb.

    If i understand you correctly, you want a trigger to call a vb procedure ?

    Is the vb app already running ?
    When you say "support him", you mean you are using vb to chat ?

    I have an idea what you need, i just need a little more information.
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