Hi all,

ontape /onarchive trouble shooting...
I have ids 9.4 installed on win nt and ids 9.21 installed on unix on sun solaris. I want to use ontape to backup & restore data. I do not have any tape device. In win nt we cannot specify a file as a tape device, but in unix we can give a file path. Ontape -s takes the entire backup. I would like to know how can i do troubleshooting, like i take a backup and then i restore and see if the backup was done properly. After taking a backup can i drop a database or a dbspace and run ontape -r will it restore the database / dbspace for me or not. In case of dbspace will i have to create it first or it will be done automatically. For eg. I have 2 database demo and stores, now i run ontape -s, it should backup the
enitre instance, now i drop the demo database. Now if run ontape -r can
i recover the demo database, samething for dbspaces too. Please advice.