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Thread: mySQL and Mac

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    Unanswered: mySQL and Mac

    I am using a Mac with OS X and have installed mySQL. However I have some type of security issue which blocks me. I have read the various forums and advice given there fails.

    Two extracts of my issue:

    sql> create database A;
    error 1044 : access denied for user : '@localhost' to database 'A'

    the unix command ls -l on the mysql directory gives "drwx-------- root data" for the data directory.

    I think this is the issue. Maybe not.

    I am no unix specialist and innocently thought that mac would fend-off me having to return to my university books to start a database system!

    Can someone help?

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    the problem is that you are logged with an anonymous user that got no privilege to create a database.
    You should use root or other user with create db privilege
    Olivier Miossec

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