Could someone clue me in. When I try to run a simple 'hello' script (chmod 755):


print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print "<HTML><HEAD>";
print "<TITLE>CGI Test</TITLE>";
print "</HEAD>";
print "<BODY><H2>Hello World</H2>";
print "</BODY></HTML>";

I get a '500 Internal Server Error'

Earthlink's responce was:

We understand that scripts are not executing. We would like to inform you that you can place scripts in the CGI directory. Scripts do not need a separate directory. Upon reviewing your account we found that scripts are uploaded properly and in correct directory. It seems the issue is related with the scripting. Unfortunately EarthLink does not provide any scripting support at all.

---Earthlink help page---
Perl Version and Libraries

The Web server supports all standard Perl modules included with version 5.004 as well as other select libraries. They include the following:

CGI, Config, Crypt, Crypt-1.0, DB_File, DBD, DBI, DynaLoader, ExtUtils, Fcntl, File, FileHandle, GD, GDBM_File, Getopt, IO, Math, MD5, MIME, NDBM_File, ODBM_File, Opcode, Overload, POSIX, Safe, SDBM_File, Stream, Text, Tie, Time, Tk, and User.

Although our servers currently use Perl 5.004, please note that we reserve the right to upgrade our systems in the future.
---help page---

thanks for your time
- Silicon .\.\irage