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    Unanswered: SQL Failover clustering

    I am looking to implement a fail over cluster over 2 sites. This is to provide disaster recovery if one of the sites is unavaliable the other SQL server will take over. I am aware of the concept of fail over clustering, I just have a few questions:

    1 - what sort of link will I need between the two servers, speed etc?
    2 - How much bandwith will the servers take when connected to each other in normal communication eg when replicating changes to the log and the heart beat chat.
    3 - Will Fail over clustering work over diffrent domains?

    Thanks in advance


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    1 - both nodes have to be connected to the same san
    2 - we're talking about physical proximity here, not geo-clustering
    3 - i don't think you can do that, not sure without doing ms reading

    but i think you are talking about geo-clustering. there are several products that support that: emc, nsi, etc. the solutions are not cheap, but worth investigating for dr/rr purposes.

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