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    Exclamation business objects join/context


    I've got a three table structure with two 'data' tables and a link table between them for multiple links to the data tables, with the left column being keys from the left table and the right column being keys from the right table. One to many to one. Since there are missing elements in both data tables, I've set up an alias in the universe and I'm using a series of outer joins so that reading left to right I get all the elements in the left table and any items from the right that appear in the middle table. The alias should provide similar functionality in reverse.

    It doesn't work.

    I dumped the alias and the derived contexts and was able to get the left to right series working. I then put back the right to left through the joins and it rebuilt the contexts. Still no dice. Now I've dropped the middle to left join from the alias and i want to see all rows from the right table and any links to the middle table. Again, it doesn't work.

    What the heck does contexts do and how do you access it???? It's a bit annoying because I can do this in MS Access in about 10 minutes tops.

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    I have been working with Business Objects a few years ago.
    What I can remember of context is as follows.
    You can join tables on different ways. Example you can join 2 tables on more ways. One time a left outer join, one time a right outer join or inner join. Every different way of joining is another context.
    When you run a report you can choose which context you want to use.

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