Hi everyone...

I am building a delphi app, but started off in the wrong way by using clUseClient cursor location.

I need to change to server-side cursors because the app will have many instances over a network.

I searched around, and i saw that the adodataset1.locate will NOT work with server-side cursors, since bookmarks are not available.

So i was told to use clUseServer with sql statements (tadoquery).

1. Is there a way that i can locate the cursor on the resulting query with the use of Server-Side cursors?

2. Is there any tutorial around delphi/ado, and MS SQL Server for Server-Side Cursors???

3. The program needs to do the following:

After population of a (manual) combobox I need to select one of the values and for the rest of the comboboxes around to change to that record. Since locate doesn't work, how can I do this? Many comboboxes are populated by different tables.

Can you provide me with sample code for something similar to the above situation? I need to see how to properly program using server-side...