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    Question The intermediate table joining 2 tables

    Hi to all ....

    i am working on a project that involves employees and projects...
    One employee can work on different projects....and one project can have more that one employees( may me 5, 10 or 15)
    I have created a table "Employee" , "Project" and "EmpProject" to link the two tables. EmpProject contains EmpID from Employee and ProjID form Project.

    The problem here is ... How to insert values in the EmpProject table...
    when ever an employee joins a project or a new project is started.


    i will be waithing for a quick prompt.

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    Re: The intermediate table joining 2 tables

    What do you mean? To insert values into EmpProject you would obviously use an INSERT statement like:

    insert into EmpProject (EmpID, ProjID) values (21, 42);

    Where is the difficulty?

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