Hello all! I've got a problem with SQLXMLBulkLoad. During the loading hugh XML data with datetime fileds I've got an error :

Carattere non valido per la specifica del cast.
at SQLXMLBULKLOADLib.SQLXMLBulkLoad3Class.Execute(Str ing bstrSchemaFile, Object vDataFile)
Sorry, I'm working in Italy, so localization is italian too, but the message means an error in string-datetime conversion. It so strange, because both SQL server & an application which runs the process are on the same machine, so the localization is the same. Does anyone knows how to avoid sush a problems? Theoretically possible to change manually the type of conversion, but unfortunately my database contains more than 500 tables, and I had an idea to do data porting more or less automated... I'm scared of perspective to do it again via Enterprise Manager (which have no multiple selection mechanism in export-import wizard, so every time I have to uncheck more than 300 views manually... it's terrible)

Please, help!