I've tried for 3-4 days to develop my first ASP.NET application, and I have a few questions:

1) when working with 'include' <!-- #include virtual="..." -->, is there any way to include a page which has got codebehind ? (without getting an error saying that there can be only one page declaration)

2) I need to specify a LCID for Switzerland in the whole application. With traditionnal ASP, I used to specify Session.LCID=4108 in a header which is always included in my pages. Here, when the date strings are build in codebehind, it isn't formatted correctly. (still US) As if codebehind doesn't see the specified LCID. How do you resolve it ?

3)And last but not least, the few pages I've done until now work well if you click on the links. But if I push the 'Back' button, it makes my IE6 crash ! (I've IE6 with SP1) Any idea...!? (http://www.alaxos.com/gallery)

Thanks a lot if you can answer one of those questions :-) , or even all :-D.