Hi I am working on a text editor, usually i workin PHP and Mysql, but this is regarding ASP and Access , I create a Administration Zone where Administrator can update some text in a Text editor ,( as yahoo ) like bold , italic , Header One and etc .. this editor changes the text and things changed over in " html tags " , now when i store these html tags in access i need biggest data type , so i use MEMO , biggest problem is ... MEMO stores the text in this format
" <H1 align=center>text gndfh dhkjd hkdk d</H1>
<P align=center>dfgj bdfjoia ygpoish</P>
<P align=center>sdf g h psiofgysdpuiohsdgjs</P>"

and when i store this data in a variable in java script it gives a problem .. as variable is underfined , because data is not in this format

"<H1 align=center>text gndfh dhkjd hkdk d</H1><P align=center>dfgj bdfjoia ygpoish</P><P align=center>sdf g h psiofgysdpuiohsdgjs</P>"

, solutions can be ,
either i trap the break row in javascript , which is impossible ( as there is nothing like "\n" which i can replace ) ,
or i change the data tpe to simple text where it stores ( but text is only 255 chars)

last option is if in any way i can change memo to break rows