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    Unanswered: ... I have some problem about suming value in each a page on report ..

    on my report

    I have sum value in each a page ( evey pages have sum)

    my problem is ...

    I do sum value in each a page but value is incorrect

    but in design view ( not print )
    all sum value is correct ..

    but At print to paper
    sum value is incorrect

    in design view... sum value is 10000
    at printed ... sum value is -8431 or 0 or -11000 or 8431 or etc... it's incorrect (but it's incorrect in sometime)

    What's it cause ???

    I created by Access XP sp2 Thai and winxp pro no sp ...

    I attach ex db file of suming value also ( this file is not real db because my real db stay in another computer )

    Help me again please

    THx for everybody
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