I'm using ASp and jscript as my programming language.

This is my Sql statement

oConn.Execute("insert into calls(callnumber,status,openedtime,opcaltime,opcal cdate,analyst,analgroup,openedby,priority,wavexist s,actual,actualsec) values ( newticket , 'OPEN', '" + thefulldate + "', '+ justime +' , '" + justdate + "', 'myname', 'D.RESOURCES', 'myname', 'NORMAL', 'N', '00:00:00', '0') ");

Usually when I am inserting a numeric number it goes like this
Select callnum from calls where callnum =" + callid + ";

Usually when I am inserting an string it goes like this
Select fname from calls where lastname =' " + lname + " ';

My dilema is that since I am using Insert you have to use single quotes to represent you are inserting a string but I can't use the double quotes and it don't like the plus sign either. So if how what would I put around newticket variable in the first sql statement so that it will be taken as a numeric and not a string?
Please help