I want to be able to run a query where a result is returned whether a criteria is given or not.

My query is linked to a form so that you can enter a set of values in the form and these will be used in the query. I want to be able to leave a box blank in the form and still get a result using all the values from the table in that field.
At the mo, it's like this

Field: <<FIELDNAME>>
Table: <<TABLENAME>>

P.s the <<>> just mean that it is a generic value for sake of ease.

I want it to be so that If [Forms]![<<FORMNAME>>]![<<TEXTBOXNAME>>] returns nothing Then it will return all the results available in the field being searched.

I need to know how to get it to do the above, taking in mind that the query also returns the name of each object with those criteria
E.G., query results:


The query returns numerical and textual results.

So, it would probably have to run a separate query when a value is blank to return the corresponding name with it.

So far, the only thing I have learned from help is that it was not designed with someone expanding their MSDB knowledge (it’s useless) and that IsNull returns values that are empty in the format IsNull <Expr> in vbscript and Is Null <Expr> in expression builder.