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    Unanswered: urgen: updating nth record in a table another is getting details for the nth record


    How can we update an nth record in a table. if possible without using cursors
    For eg
    i have to create a stored procedure the input parameters for this sp will be number and the address id
    and i have to update the table for the number passed for that address id
    If i pass number as 3 and address id as 4567812
    now the sp should update certain columns for the 3rd record against the address id 4567812.
    For the same address id there can me multiple rows with different data information.
    the table has address id and the lien pos these are the keys that make the table data unique.
    i can have the data as
    address id lienpos
    4567812 1
    4567812 3
    4567812 4.. and so on
    If the number passed is 3 then i should update the third record for the asset id passed in the above scenario it should update the 4567812 and lienpos 4 record.
    or is there any way i can get the lien pos for the 3rd record
    can anyone tell me if there is any way i can do the above
    pls need ur help

    If its possible without using cursors

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