Could anyone help me or point me in the right direction.

Point 1

I'm doing some voluntary work for a charity who have a Access 2002
database in a very sorry state.

I'ave used VB6 before but not VBA.

I want to force a user when entering a new record on a form to fill
in two textbox tied to fields , HouseNumber and PostCode. I want
to search the forms recordset to see if this record exists , if so inform
the user and display the record that has the keyed in HouseNumber
and PostCode.

I have got code working off the postcodes textbox's exit event that determines whether a exitsing record exists but I'm having trouble
aborting the insert and retrieving the required record.

Point 2

How do I find help on the version of SQL that Access 2002 uses ? ,
I want to find how create a calculated field that is a sub string of
a another.

Thanks again