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    Question Unanswered: Problem with calculation from subforms

    I have a main form with two subforms. At a minimum, weight is inputted on to one subform. When there are additional spools, these weights are added to the other subform. I want to total all of the weights form both both subforms and disply this total on the main form.

    The following works as long as weights have been inputted on both subforms. When weight is inputted only on the Receiving_Round Subform, it doesn't give me a total value on the main form.

    =(([Forms]![Receiving_Round]![Receiving_Round Subform].Form!SumWeight)+([Forms]![Receiving_Round]![Receiving_Round Subfrm2].Form!TotalWeigh))

    Can anybody help me with this? I don't understand why it is working this way.

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    Test each control in the subforms for not null before doing the calculation ...

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