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    Unanswered: Passing a Param value from Vba to an access Qry

    this is the vba code that executes the query, how can i pass a paramter that i define in VBA?

    DoCmd.OpenQuery stDocName, acNormal, acEdit

    dim qryPrm as string
    qryPrm = inputbox("Enter your prm Val")

    then send qryPrm to the docmd listed above.

    T~ M!

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    The easiest way is to alter the query itself by adding [Enter your prm Val] to the Criteria of the field

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    The param will come from a var in VBA

    The code in vba will assign a date to a variable

    dim lastDownLoad as date

    lastDownLoad =inputbox(yada yada yada)

    docmd.openqry lastdownload <-- some thing like this is what im looking for,, i have already set the paramater up in the querry


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