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Thread: restore problem

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    Unanswered: restore problem

    I am having difficulties with a restore command.

    I have an offline full backup from a AIX 5.1 server running db2 v8 FP2 and want to restore that to another server same platform.

    I am not sure if I have to do a redirect restore but this is what I get when I try the following command:

    $ db2 restore db pldb from /home/symd1 taken at 20030828131625 to /tmp into pldb1
    SQL0970N The system attempted to write to a read-only file. SQLSTATE=55009

    Now the path /tmp is not the location of the original database on the original server, I am just testing stuff out here but is it important to have the same location for the database on the new server?



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    Try Redirected Restore.


    Please check if you have the necessary permission for writing to that filesystem. Unix systems are very particular about permissions. If the permissions are okay then you need to do a redirected restore. That should solve your issues.

    Also please check the value of the DB2_LDAP_ENABLE parameter preferably set that to NO before you do a restore as we had some problems doing a redirected restore when the above parmater was set to Yes.

    Hope this helps


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