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    Question Unanswered: ASA SqlRemote replication

    We currently running ASE and Replication Server but only have about 200 ASE servers and 140 replication servers.

    We still have 60% of sites connecting directly through to our office , while the rest are replicating. We would like to move these smaller sites to ASA and replicate up to the enterprise level using SQL Remote for these sites.

    I've been testing ASA @@version'' on Sun, I have two sun boxes running ASA and I connect to them from windows, ftp files between the two etc. The databases are fine.

    The problem I have is SQLRemote, I'm using ftp as my message type.
    I'm using only two tables, Orders and OrderItem to test the replication.

    I've attached the dbremote output for both servers.

    The problem is now there is nothing replicating , I insert data into Orders and run dbremote , it works fine I had a "delete corrupt message " error, but this was due to other files in the directory.
    I removed those files and that was fixed.

    I would like to know , is anyone running something similiar i.e ASE/Rep and ASA/SQLRemote?

    Also is there some sort of SQL Remote troubleshooting checklist?
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