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    Question Unanswered: Data Access Pages and Table Column Source Flexibility?

    Hi All!

    I am currently creating Data Access Pages to provide read-only intranet access to a database I have set up.

    I have used Primary Key fields on all my tables, and on the ACCESS form, I have used the Column Count/Column Width/Bound Column to display the 'meaningful' description field rather than the numerical Primary Key field. I used the Data Access Page Wizard to create a simple record viewer page. Unfortunately, many of the fields simply contain the PK field data.

    Is it possible to use the same Column Count/Column Width/Bound Column method to bring some meaning back to my record fields within this DAP environment?



    P.S. - Sorry if I am 'flooding' this forum with questions at the moment, my deadline on this project is Monday and I am learning a lot about Access (and definately about Data Access Pages) as I go along, and you guys (& gals) seem collectively to be the best source of knowledge I have come across thus far!!
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