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    Unanswered: SQL Loader

    Has anyone ever used SQL Loader to load data from SQL Server tables to Oracle? Is this feasible, or is there a better way to access the Server tables from Oracle?

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    I have'nt tried it. But using SQL Server Data Transformation Services, you can transfer data between different databases. In the datasource section, you can select your ODBC database. You might need an ODBC connection to your Oracle database.

    And since it is Microsoft, it is all click click and click. whether it works or not.


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    Use export on SQLServer side to save to a text file (comma or tab
    delimited. Write a SqlLoader Control file and run SQLLoader ...
    Not too bad.

    You can use the SQLServer export to attach to an Oracle database
    as described, but you may run into some problems if the data
    has date columns (since SQLServer and Oracle store dates differently)
    --- or maybe not ....
    With SQLLoader, you can control the formatting and exceptions...


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