i have 2 tables i want to update using data access pages. the 1st table contains employee information. the second contains project information. you would enter the employee info on the first page (which stores it in the employee info table) then click a link to go to the next page to enter project info (which is stored in the project info tabe) for that person. each person is only entered once into the employee info table but each person has multiple projects. Therefore I want the second page to have a combo box with the employees names that have been entered into the employee info table. I created a relationship between the two tables. when you view the poject table EmployeeName field there is a drop down box that contains the names entered in the employee info table which is good. but when you create a data access page to enter the project info, the combo box associated with the project information table EmployeeName field is empty. How do I get the names entered into the employee information form though a data access page to carry over and populate the EmployeeName combo box in on the project information data access page?