In an attempt to close the active recovery log so it can be copied to tape, I issued the "archive log for db dbname" command. But the log
file is still listed as the First Active Log File. However I did notice that
the log S0000250.LOG has been truncated from its original size and the next log LOG251.LOG was being written to. I issued the command again and S0000251.LOG was truncated and S0000252.LOG is now
being written to:

db2iadm1 204808192 Oct 10 11:12 S0000253.LOG
db2iadm1 12288 Oct 10 10:26 S0000251.LOG
db2iadm1 102404096 Oct 9 12:21 S0000250.LOG

First active log file = S0000250.LOG

I have LOGRETAIN=RECOVERY. My question is this: How do I get
S0000250.LOG so that it is not the first active log any more (without
having to stopdb2 or deactivating the database)? This is on a test machine with virtually no activity. Thanks.