Hi, All!

What I would like is suggestions, points (in the right directions), tips and anything else that would help to do the following Homework #3 for my 2 tutee's:


Create a menu driven database application which will contain the following parts:

Table(s) to hold special event data.
Form(s) to enter special event data.
Macro(s) to run menu navigation.

The application will use VB to determine if an event is ready to be triggered to the user. Once the event is display the user will have the opportunity to print the event, release the event, or "SNOOZE" the event for another time.


What I have so far:

1.) I have tblSpecialEvents
2.) I have frmPopUp - which actually pops up when you run Access and double-click Special Event Ticker database
3.) I have frmSpecial_Events - where one would enter special events into tbleSpecialEvents
4.) I have a query, which works, based on tblSpecialEvents which select records based on " >=Date() And <DateAdd("d",1,Date()) " Criteria

I'm not anywhere near where my tutee's instructor wants us (them) to get to. See above!! How close am I?

I would really appreciate if I could get suggestions, points (in the right directions), tips and anything, but somebody actually doing the coding. I know very little about macros and even less of VBA.

If a Topic exist out there that you think would help, please let me know.

I bought a book "Microsoft Access 2002 Visual Basic for Applications Step by Step" at Barnes & Noble, which should be here any day now.

Thanks in advance,